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RAB IT Services Ltd
120 Wilkinson Drive

Mobile: 07824 368123

A new website to promote local businesses in Kesgrave Martlesham and Rushmere.

Content Management Systems
We now provide content management systems at an affordable price where you can update your own site instantly. Ask for details.

IT Consultancy

We offer help and assistance for many areas of your business.

Over 30 years IT experience means we can help in many areas of your business, some examples are :-

  • Project Management:
    A qualified PRINCE2 practitioner can help you make sure your project is successful regardless of size or budget

  • Business Systems Analysis:
    We can help you to ensure your project delivers what the end user wants by managing the requirements process and ensuring high quality documentation is produced. We keep everyone informed of progress and strive to promote iterative development, ensuring something tangible is delivered at regular intervals

  • Database Design:
    If you need help designing a database for MS Access or other relational database systems, we can help

  • EDI:
    We can also offer advice on Electronic Data Interchange you may wish to set up with customers or suppliers

  • Process Redesign:
    We can review and map your current and future processes and offer advice on how the process could be improved

  • Web Design:
    We can help you decide who your target audience is or how you can attract them to your website

  • Surveys:
    We can help you if you want to send a survey out to your clients or just to let them know about a special offer

  • Training:
    We can help you get the best from your PC, using applications such as Microsoft Office or photo editing software etc

  • Testing:
    If you need help testing a new application or website, we can perform the full function from designing and writing test scripts to fully testing all functionality and providing a full report.

  • Disaster Recovery:
    Are you backing up your data correctly? 
    How would your business be effected if your hard drive crashed or you had a fire in the office? 
    We can help you to take the correct back ups and precautions to reduce the amount of down time if you should suffer a loss.

  • GDPR Consultancy:
    We can advise on changes you may need to make to comply with the latest Privacy regulations.